A Leadership Community for Youth Workers

ymLead exists to equip youth workers to lead better ministries and better lives. Whether you're a full time student pastor or a volunteer youth worker, we want to help you become a better leader. From the youth worker leading a ministry of 1,000 to the one leading a ministry of 10, we all get better when we grow as leaders.


Simply put, we believe everything rises and falls on leadership! There are a lot of organizations to help youth workers by providing teaching resources and games, but there aren't many resources devoted to help youth workers become better leaders. That's why ymLead exists, to help you develop as a better leader.


When your leadership grows, we believe your church and youth ministry will as well! ymLead is a community of everyday youth workers who are in the trenches week in and week out.We know the struggles of youth ministry, and we also know leadership. We know what it's like to be on an island without a mentor or someone to help you grow, and it's our goal to make sure no youth worker ever has to go at this leadership thing alone again.


YmLead is here for you. You, your leadership potential, and your church matter to us. So why not join our community and let us walk beside you? Youth ministry is hard, but it's easier when you're not alone. Let's lead well and grow together at ymLead!


Welcome to the community!