At ymLead, we want to equip you to lead a better ministry and a better life! One way we strive to do this is by providing practical youth ministry resources to help you lead better and get some time back.

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How to Win With Social Media is a 30 page ebook with practical tips to help youth workers win with social media. Social media is an incredible tool, and students are using it daily. Unfortunately, many youth workers are unable to maximize their ministry's social media impact. We want to change that, and we believe we can help! How to Win With Social Media is full of useful tips to help you get better with social media and grow your ministry impact.

  Get How to Win With Social Media  HERE for $2.99       5-marks-of-high-level-volunteers

YmLead volunteer training guides are pre built guides for your next training session with you volunteer team. Train your team well and save some extra time by using these guides!

5 Marks of High Level Volunteers is the first ymLead volunteer training. Use it to walk your team through the five things that set high level volunteers apart from everyone else. In this training, you will not only identify the 5 marks of high level volunteers, but you will also teach practical steps for your team to take to grow in these areas. Everything you need to run your next volunteer training is included in this guide.

Get 5 Marks of High Level Volunteers  HERE       12_ways_to_thank_cover-final   12 Ways to Thank Your Youth Ministry Volunteers is a 31 page ebook packed with practical ideas and tips on how to creatively thank your volunteers and build a volunteer culture of gratitude in your youth ministry. A youth ministry will only be as healthy as its volunteers, so don't you owe it to your ministry to cultivate a healthy volunteer culture?

Get 12 Ways to Thank Your Youth Ministry Volunteers HERE for $2.99

        #Goals: Setting Goals to Move You Forward is a 42 page ebook that walks you through the process of setting goals that last. The difference in those who live their dreams and those that don't is goals. Youth ministries with the right goals are better youth ministries, and youth workers with good goals are better people! In this book you will find a step by step process to setting your best goals yet, along with every resource you will need to get a good start and set goals that will move you forward!

Get #Goals: Setting Goals to Move You Forward  HERE


The Youth Ministry Calendar Guide is FREE in January to ymLead subscribers.